The Challenge

Blue Line Distribution Ltd. had an opportunity to secure a major account that required freight to move across the border into the USA. Some of these challenges:

  • reduce costs and inefficiencies in Cosella Dorke’s south bound network
  • reduce visibility
  • provide faster transit times to various customers throughout the USA

The Solution

  • Within six months, Blue Line reduced transportation rates.
  • Blue Line provided instant access to real time updates on all shipments.
  • Blue Line opened a new Terminal in Chicago, IL that also accommodated the storage needs for Cosella Dorken in USA.

The Result

After six months of business, Blue Line reduced Cosella’s Dorken costs by 15% from the previous carriers. We provided a cost solution for them by offering a new warehousing solution, better rates and control over the freight in transit.

We are currently moving truck loads from Canada to our warehouse in Chicago, IL from where the freight gets distributed on LTL Shipments. This allows their customers to get the product needed quicker then shipping from Canada.

We also provide them LTL service solutions from Ontario, Canada to various parts of the USA, with a 98.5% on time service.